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Long life and luxurious life has been one of mankind's wishes and ideals and he is always looking for a panacea which can make it longer, but are we anything to say about organizations immortalizing?

Companies consider as the greatest location for preservation and duration of the world's exploding population, because by providing of necessary goods and services they have created modern urbanistic life. During future years, institutions' active presence is needed more than before. Regarding to their presence necessity, this question is discussed that why some institutions are faced with mortal break downs or in minimum they cannot reach to their goals?

In a world that increasingly becomes smaller by relying on information, institutions world has intensive growth. And by passing of the time, number of institutions which are able to control their changing environment factors is decreased.

Organizational leaders, managers, and elites are obliged to consider their organization as a living creature in order to have learning ability and could always answer to following question that: what an active and healthy company is similar to?

Indisputably, a perfect healthy organization has healthy staffs (human and counterpart organizations). Organization has volition, therefore can choose and chosen path could be its duration guarantee. Organization should accept new ideas and individuals and be patient against new opinions in order to prevent from a crises and having a diverged environment.

If organization health be in danger, using method of maximum society potential abilities should be revised and finally appropriate behavior proficiency level of an urbanistic human should be increased.