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Pouyeshgaran-e-Faranegar Company services could be offered in 3 groups which are as follows :

1 - Marketing group

- Market research professional unit
- Sale advancement and advertisement professional unit
- Commercial consulting professional unit

2 - Financial group

Designing, consulting, and implementation of :
- Organizations financial management system
- Changing of financial unit to mechanized one
- Industrial projects economic assessment (preliminary, justification, and development projects)
- Budget system
- Management financial information system

3 - Education group

- Workshops implementation
- Courses implementation
- Seminars implementation
- Educations in working time

Services description :

1- Commercial and marketing group

Recent trading and economic institutes, which could be noted as age of customer-arch, should consider their marketing strategies and duties more than before. Recently, economic institutes marketing is implemented in an environment which has not permanent and known competitors anymore and customers have not stable preferences and needs; rather their competitors are rapidly in change. Technology developments and new provision have decreased clients' loyalty to product on one hand, and they are in challenge with institutes' commercial politics on the other hand. Nowadays, those institutes are successful that intelligently and just in time identify their customer needs in target market than other competitors and meet those needs. In recent competitive environment, even product appropriate quality and low price would not be guaranty for market success in short time. And whatever makes possible permanent achievement to market proper share depends on information continuous control on market and updating of internal and external target markets recognition and answering of this fundamental questions that: What product in what price in which market or markets and how should be offered? These answers lead commercial institutes to reveal marketing strategies. Regarding to undeniable and vital role of marketing knowledge use for meeting of commercial and economic institutes' long time interests, serious lack of applying studies in this field throughout our country including Guilan province, also marketing approach weakness, incomplete and sometimes incorrect exploitation of this knowledge efficient tools and techniques, Pouyeshgaran-e-Faranegar Company, along with professional fields of its activity, established marketing unit and with cooperation of marketing experts and consulting of university professors, offers applying services to actual and legal clients in professional unit framework as follows :

a) Market research professional unit (internal - external)
1. Method of entering to market
2. Study of market share and sale foresight
3. Study of distribution appropriate method
4. Study of after the sale services projects and programs
5. Evaluation consumers' satisfaction for product quality, price, package, mark, and etc.
6. Household consumption standards determination in terms of time and place
7. Preparation of analytical reports of economic, cultural, politic, legal, and etc…. conditions and target markets
8. Market quality observation
9. Profound interviews
10. Club groups meeting implementation
11. Internal professional exhibitions study coverage including national and international
12. Study of advertisement efficiency level based on kind of medium, message, and viewers and its time
13. And …

b) Sale advancement and advertisement professional unit
1. Offering of efficient advertising and persuasive projects and programs
2. Offering of presence in internal and external exhibitions program
3. Offering of program and implementation of carnival and lottery ceremony, prizes conferment, sale representatives' meeting, and etc.
4. And …

c) Commercial consulting professional unit (internal - external)
1. Consulting for product purchase and sale potential opportunities
2. Consulting for commercial bargains financial method
3. Consulting for commercial provision
4. Consulting for commercial unit establish into the inistitute
5. Consulting for purchase and sale strategies
6. And …

2 - Financial group

Management is the decision-making process and it needs to information. Among different information that managers need to them for decision-making, financial information have specific situation, because managers most decisions have direct financial influences and consequences or indirectly effect institute financial position. Along with these decisions, financial information and accounting are valuable tools which are available for managers. Usually financial management has major role in beneficiary units. Major tasks of financial management could be summarized as follows :

1. Funding: limit sources optimum use to reach organizational goals requires schematization. Changing programs to money language means funding. Clear goal of funding is to show what an institute should do in short-time and long-time? And when these programs should be implemented to materialize organization goals?
2. Financial providing and investment: management applying on cashes and other monetary properties, providing extra cashes in urgent situation, and cashes investment in various projects.
3. Foreseeing and schematization: finished price types, costs, technologic changes, capital market conditions and also prospection and historical information applying for future operation schematization of organization.
4. Economic evaluation of investment projects: recommended economic evaluation of investment projects and demand for products, because proper decision-making for investment projects selection requires hazards different reflection in projects analyze and evaluation.
5. Pricing strategies : participation in products and services marketing strategies designing via determination of pricing systems effects on institute profitability.
6. Other tasks : credit policies and demands recovery. Interests distribution schematization in order to encourage personnel.

Financial group affordable services :
- Organizations financial management system
- Changing of financial unit to mechanized one
- Industrial projects economic assessment (preliminary, justification, and development projects)
- Budget system
- Management financial information system

3 - Education group

It is real that in today world human power is the most important matter, as economists believe that ultimately each country human power determines social and economic development process character of a society and organization not capital or other sources.

Then in order to increase better efficiency of human resources, an organization personnel education and improvement is one of useful and effective ways that managers could apply.

Along this Pouyeshgaran-e-Faranegar Technical and Engineering Company education unit is honored that by elite experts, skillful personnel, and university professors afford services in educational different fields. These services are in 4 fields as follows :

1. Workshops implementation
2. Courses implementation
3. Seminars implementation
4. Educations in working time

It should be noted that above fields services are practicable in applicant companies and organizations, Pouyeshgaran-e-Faranegar Company, and an appointed public place by related executive organization.